noirseMe in Petite Noir’s latest music video, here.

Loads of people wonder what I do during my days than just eating and eating.. So one day a week I am working at the Fashion Pr agency Coffin On Cake PR in East London, as a creative social media consultant for JuJu Shoes. The first project I’m managing is WE <3 JUJU! Here is the first post:

The ‘We <3 JuJu’ series is all about working with creative girls, all with their own individual style and personality but with one thing in common…they love JuJu! In this project we will have our jelly loving creatives showing how they match they beloved Juju’s for different occasions! First-up in our WE <3 JuJu Project series is our JuJu Babe lover Maria Pizzeria!  Here’s why she loves her JuJu’s so much…


“Hi There! My name is Maria Pizzeria, born and bored in Sweden but now living in London. I’m an all doer but I mainly work with Fashion PR and Cooler Magazine. I also make sure to have the time to work on other things I love to do; gifs, illustrations, branding, styling and photography and I also started up my own magazine now named SOCKER MAG


My favourite model of JuJu’s is their heeled Babe Jelly:


My first pair of JuJu’s were pink Babes, I bought them last year at Urban Outfittersimage

My favourite moment with my JuJu Babes was when I wore them to my graduation matched with American Apparel Disco Pants and Lazy Oaf stickers shirt:


I also wore them during LFW with furry jacket by Joanna Pybus!image

So now the first post is over, next week I will show you how I wear my black Juju Maxi’s! 

Maria Pizzeria @mariapizzeria


Long time no see..! This past few months has been the craziest- most-emotional-totally-no-money-months-ever. But I’ve never worked this hard in my life and I never felt this happy ever either. I can feel that I’m finally working with the things I want to work with and I’m so blessed with the amazing people I’ve got in my life! Will get back to you soon about what I’m up too!


lots of love from maria pizzeria